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May 2013

So what if we are on our third bottle of wine? /cc @maleriebrill

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maleriebrill This is how you work/study on a beautiful day! @ryanbrill

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So guys, how heavy is data? I just got a new iPhone (identical to my old one) and I swear to God it feels lighter to me…

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@Adobe_Care The activation app told me it was successful, which is what threw me off. This is what I got from the app

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@Adobe_Care Got this squared away. Turns out it was a billing issue, which I only saw when I logged into the website….

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@stefsull Thank you! This was in Yosemite, hiking up to Nevada Falls. So amazing!

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Sometimes we hike up waterfalls.

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@william_kent Looks like it was a billing issue. That being said, it still doesn’t load after fixing the issues… :-/

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@creativecloud Seems like it was a problem with my billing info. Found that once I logged in online.

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@creativecloud Stuck in a loop trying to activate my membership. Get the success message, then back to the renew one.

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In a continual loop trying to “activate” my @adobe Creative Cloud membership. I have a subscription. This is the problem with cloud software

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It isn’t called the Mist Trail for no reason.

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Meet the new Google Maps:

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We’re playing “How many engineers does it take to get a projector working.”

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@maleriebrill But the beauty that can be found in forgiveness. Wow.

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adambrill Useful tool of the day: Enter any Regex statement and it will explain it!

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Given the Path text message fiasco (, people may enjoy this a bit extra today:

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“I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing…I have too many other decisions to make.” – Obama

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OH: “…but I can drive better backward than I can forward.”

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