Gas Prices Out of Control

Thursday, September 1, 2005 at 1:20 am | Comments off

This morning I woke up to find that gas prices had gone out of control, jumping $ .50 in one night! It was $2.89 last night, and this morning? $3.39. Wrong, just wrong.

$3.39 for one gallon of 87 octane unleaded gasoline

So, how much are you paying for one gallon of 87 octane? Please include your location in your comment.


September 1st, 2005
1:29 AM | #

Most stations in Milwaukee are still at $2.99, though some have gone up to about $3.19. Katrina shutting down two refineries and knocking drilling stations off alignment really hasn't helped anything.

Wisconsin has some of the highest gas prices (next to Cali) because we pay more for the ethanol mix that gets thrown in for better enviromentals.

Ryan Brill
September 1st, 2005
1:33 AM | #

"Wisconsin has some of the highest gas prices (next to Cali)" - Pete

And unfortunatly, where I live in Wisconsin is about the highest in the state... When I was in San Francisco, we were 10 cents higher than there.

Jeff Lewis
September 1st, 2005
1:58 AM | #

Orem, UT $2.59 x 21 Gallons = >$50 to fill my tank!

September 1st, 2005
3:42 AM | #

In Tasmania, Australia we are paying $1.29 per litre, so if 1 gallon = 4.54 litres and the exchange rate today is 1 AUD = 0.753765 USD then we are paying US$4.41 per gallon.

Europe's prices are even worse though.

Gabriel Castro
September 1st, 2005
7:16 AM | #

Here in Ottawa, Canada gas will cost you at least $0.99/L. This converts to about $3.14 per gallon.

It really depends on the gas station and the time of day. Today's low was around $0.98/L and the high was $1.27/L.

Paul Jr
September 1st, 2005
7:40 AM | #

In Rochester, NY, it jumped $.20 last night. $2.89 for 87 octane and $3.19 for 93 octane.

September 1st, 2005
9:16 AM | #

In Newport News, VA it's $3.02.. up 30 cents from Aug 30...

Jimmy Nordlund
September 1st, 2005
10:17 AM | #

I'd be happy if the gas was as "low" as $3.39 a gallon. Here in Sweden it costs roughly 11 SEK per litre, which converts to about $6.61 per gallon. Yeah, it's scary.

September 1st, 2005
12:04 PM | #

I agree with Jimmy. I also live in Europe and we have really high prices. Here in Slovenia we spent arround $5,25 per galon - it is better than in Sweden but I will be happy if we would have your prices. And the prices are going up and up :@

September 1st, 2005
2:23 PM | #

Prices for fuel have exceeded 6.50$ this morning. Munich, Germany, Europe. It just sucks. Big time.

September 1st, 2005
3:19 PM | #

It's not so much that gas is ~$3.20/gal (Metro Detroit), it's that the price has nearly doubled in nine months. I pulled out a receipt dated Jan. 4, 2005 - I paid $1.69/gal.

Ryan Brill
September 1st, 2005
4:20 PM | #

So it sounds like I'm right up there with the highest in the US, but even at that, we're a good deal cheaper than the rest of the world, which I already knew.

Tim - I hear you, the lowest I paid this year was $1.87 in Minneapolis.

Phill McGuire
September 1st, 2005
7:10 PM | #

Just hit 3 here today, lukily, I filled the tank yesterday. Cost me $40 for roughly 12 gallons of gas.

I'm told it's going up more tomorrow, that makes a 70 cent jump in gas in less that 2 weeks.

This year? The lowest I paid was $1.49, so today prices have officially doubled for me.

JD Kraaikamp
September 1st, 2005
9:37 PM | #

A lot of people are talking about "green fuels", which are derived from plants. I think this may give those companies a major push.

Jonathan Fenocchi
September 1st, 2005
10:31 PM | #

I haven't checked since last night, but it was about $2.88 here in southern Texas last I checked.

September 2nd, 2005
12:10 PM | #

You know, this will be less of an issue as more hybrid cars come out. I bet with the right advertisement those things would sell like hotcakes right now.

Andrea Piernock Barrish
September 2nd, 2005
6:54 PM | #

I haven't looked at my receipts but I know that the price has doubled in the past year. I bought my new car in early September last year and it cost about $12-13 to fill up my tank. Yesterday, in southern NJ, it cost me $25.

September 3rd, 2005
7:02 PM | #

Here in the Netherlands prices just passed 1.50 per litre yesterday. In US dollars that would be something like $ 8.46 for a gallon. Prices raised 20% since january this year....:(

September 3rd, 2005
10:08 PM | #

We've hit around 3.29, and we've had stations run out of gas. These were the stations that sold it for 3.09 while everyone else was 3.29.

Some Atlanta areas, it's 5.87. 3.11 is around average from reports, but that's from only an estimate. 3.39, some people would love to live where you do.

September 4th, 2005
12:28 AM | #

I've heard reports up to over $6. That's ridiculous. It's blatant price gouging and it's illegal.
Gas stations have a max markup they can put on their gas vs what they paid for it. Hopefully some of these stations will be taken care of by local law enforcement.

September 4th, 2005
3:18 PM | #

In Richmond, Va yesterday, we jumped from $2.99 to $3.31, give or take. The one area station that stayed around $3.00 had lines down the street.

Patrick Johnson
September 5th, 2005
2:58 AM | #

Well I dont know much it is a gallon, but here in Ontario per litle it fluctuates from .99$ to 1.50$ a litre!

Mike Purvis
September 5th, 2005
8:06 AM | #

Patrick: I was going to say, regarding Gabriel (#5), these days in the GTA, people line up for $0.99/L fuel. Around the Waterloo area it's like $1.20/L. (Which according to Google, is about $3.83 USD/gallon

September 10th, 2005
5:53 AM | #

In delta utah gas prices for 87 ot is around 2.89 a rip off how do they expect us farmers to be able to farm with prices so high???? we took are yearly fishing trip and it cost over $200 in gas alone just to drive 2 and ahalf hours away and back pulling a camp trailer grrr now ill never be able to go fishing again

September 10th, 2005
6:03 AM | #

One more thing why are gas prices so high when really there is so much oil ? some people down the street from where i live have oil wells in tx and are making booko bucks off the high oil prices... yet when i was fishing along the way there are new oil wells being drilled daily and there are oil wells running and producing a large amount of oil a day the people that own the wells are making almost $500,000 dollars month and they are only getting 5.00 for a barrol of crudde oil. so why are they so freaken high
we should all just go back to horse and buggie

September 10th, 2005
7:40 PM | #

In the Netherlands (.nl) we pay roughly 1.40 /litre for the cheapest Plus (self serve)

(1 gallon US = 3.785 litre)

So that makes 5.30/gallon US

(1 = $1.24275 now)

so we pay $6.59 / gallon in the Netherlands, and still rising!

It makes you wonder...

September 15th, 2005
7:11 PM | #

gas here in utah is $2.89 fo r the unleaded.

September 17th, 2005
8:59 PM | #

$2.79 for unleaded in Vanouver, WA, unless it's changed since I last saw it.

September 22nd, 2005
10:54 AM | #

I work at a gas station, and with hurricane katrina and now hurricane rita, gas prices are only going to go even higher.....

September 24th, 2005
3:46 AM | #


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October 21st, 2005
9:01 PM | #

If all companies could fluctuate their prices there would not be as many that fold. Gas companies and speculators are driving the prices. The hurricanes had about a 5% impact. The gas companies were looking for a reason to raise their prices, and this the general public would believe a hurricane is responsible. Ask any one you know; "Do you believe the hurricane is responsible for the price hike?" You will find out that no one truly believes it.Blogging will do little to fix the problem. Every one needs to contact their state representative, congressman and any other official that comes to mind.
There is no one cause for the gas prices to be increasing, every thing from the tokoyo accord to the standards for building new refineries have an influence on the price. The oil/refineries are riding the wave.

michael milstead
October 24th, 2005
5:16 AM | #

Not only do I do my part to conserve gas by ridding a gas saving scooter that gets 80mpg I run a website called to bring scooters to all who have a need to combat the soaring gas prices. Whether the hurricane had anything to do with the soaring gas prices it certainly had a profound effect on sales of scooters with them tripling in a matter of days after the hurricane. We all need to do our part and scooters are a great way to put that cash right back into your pocket.

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October 24th, 2005
6:24 PM | #

I agree! I spend $40 to fill up my little Chev. Cav.. Thank God I own a small vehicle!

January 27th, 2006
1:40 PM | #

Here in Belgium it costs approximately 1,30 euro per litre, which converts to about $6.00 per gallon. And still rising !

Bob McKown
February 8th, 2006
6:29 PM | #

In Trinity, Texas I had to fill up my 35 gallon tank, I had to pay $103.56 to make a full tank. I also drive a 18-wheeler which holds 57 gallons and my company paid $178.95 to make it from Trinity to Clevland, Ohio.

April 25th, 2006
9:37 PM | #

i live in charlottesville, va and gas went from $2.80 to $2.98 over night and is still climbing. The sad thing is when I was out of state they list what kind of taxes you pay when you buy gas, and the gas itself is only about $.98. The rest goes to federal, state, and GEORGE BUSH!!! It now cost me about $45.00-$50.00 to fill up my little chevy cavilier. This is rediculous. Its getting to the point to where you have to be a very wealthy person in order to live in this part of the states.

April 26th, 2006
4:55 AM | #

We have the same price since 4 years, $ 0,18 each gallon, Where.. in Venezuela, south america, I beleave maybe the lowest in the world, the problem, 45 % gas stations have almost no profit, will close soon if govermnet do not alow raise price.

May 10th, 2006
5:17 PM | #

I live in Baytown Texas and the gas here is $3.00 a gal for regular, even though i get gas 1 mile from Exxon Refinery where they make it. I went to San Antonio this past weekend and i got gas there for $2.50 a gal for regular!

Houston always has averaged about 40 to 50 cents higher than San Antonio.

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