DSL Update

Monday, April 12, 2004 at 11:10 pm | Comments off

We got home yesterday after an excellent vacation. I had a great time, and even managed to avoid too much sunburn. After our nice long winter here in Wisconsin, it sure was nice to feel the sun again. It was a fun time of enjoying my family and our friends, and it was nice to just ignore work for a while. If any pictures turn out, I may upload one or two - we'll see. ;)

Unfortunately, our DSL is still out, so I'm typing this up from an internet cafe. We should be back online in about a week, but I won't really be able to get caught up on things until then. I'm glad that some of this downtime was able to correspond with the vacation, as in total (if things go well), we'll probably be looking at around 2 weeks of downtime. I will survive.


April 13th, 2004
4:32 AM | #

Welcome back!

April 13th, 2004
10:23 AM | #

Yes you have had really poor service there.

Manny "Moonglobe" Wineberg
April 13th, 2004
7:20 PM | #

happy to see you back!

April 13th, 2004
11:07 PM | #

I just (today) got my 1mb service. Not like i am trying to make you feel bad... lol... welcome back.

April 17th, 2004
10:48 PM | #

awesome, glad your back and hope you get your internet back soon, ive been missing you at web dev forums. My 6.3 mb connection is up and running fine ;

Robert Wellock
April 19th, 2004
3:30 PM | #

Don't eat too much wallpaper while you are disconnected.

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