A selection of links that I've found interesting.

ReCSSOctober 8, 2009
A very useful bookmarklet to reload your CSS. (via)
ObjectifiedFebruary 19, 2009
Tickets are on sale now for the Objectified screening in NYC on April 9th.
WhatTheFont iPhone AppFebruary 12, 2009
WhatTheFont for your iPhone. (via)
The History of Comic SansFebruary 5, 2009
Vincent Connare talks about creating Comic Sans.
Some Random DudeJanuary 12, 2009
My buddy, P.J. Onori, re-launched his personal site today. Pretty impressive, check it out: http://somerandomdude.com/
Structural Tags in HTML5January 12, 2009
Excellent intro to HTML by Steve Smith.
AlphaImageLoader filter flawsOctober 7, 2008
This just saved the day for me.
10 Years of ALAOctober 7, 2008
Your favorite online magazine, now in it's 10th year.
Copy Paste CharacterSeptember 18, 2008
This will come in handy in Fireworks, which doesn't have a character palate. (via)
Test Your Color IQSeptember 10, 2008
I scored a 0 (perfect color vision) thanks in part to my brand new iMac, I have no doubt. (via)
A List Apart Survey, 2008July 29, 2008
Web Form Design: Filling in the BlanksMay 5, 2008
Luke Wroblewski's book on web form design is now available.
History of the ampersandApril 16, 2008
IE8 Will Use Standards Mode By DefaultMarch 4, 2008
Well, that was a great way to start the day...
Chocolate TypeDecember 12, 2007
If I could stand chocolate, I'd totally want this. (via)
Mobil Web DesignAugust 28, 2007
Mobil Web Design, the PDF book by Cameron Moll, is now available for purchase.
Dust-Me SelectorsAugust 3, 2007
This will work great for some projects at work.
The iPhone Challenge: Keep It QuiteJune 29, 2007
Hilarious! (via)
Advice for presentations: It happens!June 20, 2007
A good read if you'll be presenting at any conferences.
Enable the debug menu on Safari for WindowsJune 20, 2007
A must for any developer. (via)
Safari 3 Public BetaJune 13, 2007
Now available on Windows!
Drive-by shootingJune 7, 2007
This happened outside of the SF office for the company I contract for. It's a good read, if you disregard the closing comment about gun control. (via)
The Real Story of JPG MagazineMay 15, 2007
What do you suppose happens to the magazine now?
sIFR 3 betaDecember 21, 2006
It'll be fun to try this out next time I use sIFR.
Firefox 2October 25, 2006
Firefox 2 is now available for download.
IE 7 ReleasedOctober 19, 2006
And so it is...
Google acquires YouTubeOctober 10, 2006
For $1.65 billion...
Accentuate ClothingSeptember 6, 2006
Can't have too many designer tees. (via)
Cusomize your ConverseJuly 20, 2006
One for the GF...
Digg v.3June 26, 2006
Digg gets an update.
Top 10 Custom JS FunctionsJune 12, 2006
Dustin Diaz puts together a list of useful JavaScript functions. (via)
Bowman Goes to GoogleMay 30, 2006
Doug Bowman puts his work at Stopdesign on hold and goes to work for Google.
SuperflousBanter - Orangina EditionMay 10, 2006
Dan Rubin redesigns
Boot It.May 1, 2006
Croftie nails his redesign. That's hott!
DesignEducation.caApril 10, 2006
Huge list of design resources. (via)
Worn Look TutorialApril 4, 2006
I like this idea better for print work, where the final product would actually be worn.
SuperfluousBanter redesignedApril 4, 2006
Dan redesigns and moves to WordPress.
SpellBound for Firefox 29, 2006
Finally, SpellBound for Firefox
Design Melt DownMarch 23, 2006
Nice design resource. (via)
SXSW to MPAA: STFUMarch 17, 2006
Wish I would have gone to that panel, now...
Getting RealMarch 16, 2006
Matt Linderman just sent me a complimentary copy. Need to find somewhere to get it printed, though, so I don't have to read it all on my computer.
Vertically Centering a DivMarch 16, 2006
My responce to this. Very basic, but unfortunatly the other one is the one on Digg.
2006 SXSW Interactive PhotosMarch 14, 2006
Check out all photos on Flickr tagged with sxswi06.
Dave Werner's PortfolioMarch 8, 2006
What a great flash site.
What if Microsoft Designed iPod PackagingMarch 1, 2006
Probably true...
Veerle RedesignsMarch 1, 2006
Absolutely stunning piece of work!
Yahoo! UI LibraryFebruary 16, 2006
Wow. All sorts of JavaScript goodies. (via)
Fireworks Development ContinuesFebruary 16, 2006
Seems we can breath a sigh of relief - Adobe doesn't seem to be killing Fireworks yet, anyway.
Google acquires Measure MapFebruary 15, 2006
...and Jeff Veen goes to work for Google. (via)
SansconsFebruary 9, 2006
A set of bitmap icons that you can change their shape and color dynamically.
IE 7 Beta 2 PreviewFebruary 2, 2006
Read Robert Nyman's thoughts here.
Five Simple Steps to Typesetting on the WebJanuary 26, 2006
Mark Boulton starts another of his "Five Simple Steps" series. Don't miss it!
Web Developer 1.0January 5, 2006
Get it while it's hot.
Divless layoutDecember 23, 2005
Interesting layout technique, using lists as opposed to divs.
Blog Interface Design 2.0December 21, 2005
Some excellent points here.
Thinking Outside the GridDecember 21, 2005
Where my site makes a cameo...
Branding your weddingDecember 14, 2005
Old news now, but meant to bookmark it before.
BlingoDecember 2, 2005
Search and win! Powered by Google, so you'll get good search results, too.
IconBuffet RedesignsDecember 1, 2005
Beautiful work from Josh Williams and crew.
Firefox 1.5November 30, 2005
Firefox 1.5 is now available, along with a redesign of mozilla.com.
Google AnalyticsNovember 14, 2005
It's Urchin, but for free!
Oil Company Executives Defend ProfitsNovember 9, 2005
"ExxonMobil, the worlds' largest privately owned oil company, earned nearly $10 billion in the third quarter." I figured the oil companies would be exploiting Katrina for all she's worth...
RoundCube WebmailOctober 27, 2005
...just so I don't forget to give it a look when I get the time. (via)
Google Web Accelerator 2.0October 24, 2005
"It was evil enough the first time around, but this time it's downright scary."
"Sure, everyone in the world had to change their web applications to fit Google's vision of a perfect world, but at least they could. Not so for version 2.0 of this virus."
FlockOctober 21, 2005
The Flock developer preview is available. I've played with it ever-so-briefly, and initial impression was good.
diggOctober 20, 2005
If you haven't checked out digg yet, I'd recommend it. Been lovin' it.
CSS Beauty RedesignsOctober 20, 2005
Not bad, though I would like a bit more emphasis on the showcased designs and less on the news and announcements.
Advertising on wordpress.orgOctober 13, 2005
I've was extremely shocked to see these prices, as well. How on earth are they worked out?!
Creating Video for iPodOctober 12, 2005
Well now, this looks to be exactly what I want. Only way it could get better is if iTunes starts selling full length movies themselves.
Video iPodOctober 12, 2005
This is what I was expecting. Since it holds 150 hours of video, if they make full-length movies available for download, I'm buying one.
SXSW PlanningOctober 7, 2005
I'm hoping to make it this year. I can't keep missing it!
Design ShackOctober 7, 2005
I've been listed on Design Shack...
ScreenspireOctober 4, 2005
Version 2 listed on Screenspire.
TreehouseOctober 4, 2005
PDF magazine by Particletree now available.
CSS ImportOctober 4, 2005
Version 2 listed on CSS Import.
gap.comOctober 3, 2005
Gap redesigns with CSS. Doesn't quite validate, but still...
Blue FlavorSeptember 27, 2005
Love, love, love the logo!
Slashdot Rebuilt with CSSSeptember 22, 2005
About darned time. Now if they could just fix the design so my eyes don't bleed when I visit...
ISO50September 16, 2005
Just bought a bunch of the posters and tshirts. (via)
Email InjectionSeptember 14, 2005
...to read later, as my contact form has been getting hammered.
Flash Player 8September 13, 2005
Now available.
Macromedia Studio 8September 13, 2005
Now shipping.
Mint AvailableSeptember 6, 2005
Get your mint on!
Hurricane Katrina on WikipediaSeptember 1, 2005
Best consolodated source I've found for info on Katrina.
Opera 10-Year Aniversary PartyAugust 31, 2005
Celebrate by grabbing a free registration code.
The Powerbook PrankAugust 30, 2005
In which a scammer gets seriously scammed.
A List Apart 4.0August 23, 2005
I'm digging the new design...
Infinity Inspired Color SchemeAugust 9, 2005
Return of Design features a color palette inspired by Infinity Web Design.
Blinksale LaunchesJuly 26, 2005
CSS formated invoices.
Windows Vista (Longhorn)July 22, 2005
Microsoft announces the official name of the next version of Windwos. Now all that's left to wonder is if it'll ever be ready...?
Dominey DesignJuly 7, 2005
Todd Dominey redesigns his business site.
Crosswalk Button HackJuly 1, 2005
I'm so going to try this!
Post-It ArtJune 30, 2005
I've been wanting to create art out of post-it notes for some time now. I just need to find the perfect wall, and a heck of a lot of free time!
FirewhiteJune 25, 2005
Beautiful looking site.
Developing Dashboard WidgetsJune 23, 2005
Looks fairly easy, may have to try whipping one up sometime.
BlinksaleJune 21, 2005
CSS-formatted invoices...
Desert Island Fonts - Round 2June 20, 2005
Andrei Herasimchuk, Russ Weakly and Mark Boulton's favorite fonts.
Desert Island Fonts - Round 1June 20, 2005
Jon Hicks, Josh Williams and Greg Storey's favorite fonts.
300 free fontsJune 14, 2005
Should they be distributed for free, though?
Inman redesignsJune 13, 2005
And what a beauty it is...
Screen Grab Confab, vol. IVJune 10, 2005
This has got to be the best series I've ever seen on a blog. Fun.
Malarkey redesignsMay 11, 2005
Nice one, mate.
Google web accelerator alertMay 6, 2005
Funniest thing I've seen todayMay 5, 2005
Funny indeed.
The Fade Anything TechniqueMay 5, 2005
Inspired by 37signals Yellow Fade Technique. Looks pretty nice.
sIFR 2.0 is hereApril 28, 2005
You know you want it.
HuhcorpApril 27, 2005
"Our marketing and consultant clients are numerous and prestigious. Far too numerous and prestigious to name, in fact." (via)
Einstein the ParrotApril 26, 2005
Pretty incredible. Was interesting to note the keywords she used to make the parrot speak.
Adobe to acquire MacromediaApril 19, 2005
Wow. Just wow.
Negative Margins in FrenchApril 5, 2005
Looks like someone has translated my Negative Margins article into French.
Rob WeychertApril 1, 2005
JoshuainkApril 1, 2005
Spring can't come soon enough after seeing this beauty.
Wordpress woesApril 1, 2005
Wow, I would have never expected this...
Transparent ScreensMarch 28, 2005
Might have to try this one out some day...
The Penalty of UnderchargingFebruary 10, 2005
...and all the web designers said "amen".
Blissfully AwareFebruary 1, 2005
Nice looking CSS site by Joshua Lane.
Cameron Moll InterviewFebruary 1, 2005
About time someone interviewed him.
Setting Business GoalsJanuary 26, 2005
Been meaning to do this for myself for a while now... I'm sure it's a good idea.
Shaun's new policyJanuary 14, 2005
Now would be a good time to stop stealing his designs, please.
2005 BloggiesJanuary 2, 2005
Time to vote for you favorite blogs.
BlogAidDecember 31, 2004
Pledge your blog earnings to support the earthquake and tsunami victims.
Firefox AdDecember 17, 2004
Very cool what they were able to do with thousands of names... I love it.
Andy Clarke's Zen Garden submissionDecember 16, 2004
Google SuggestDecember 14, 2004
Kinda cool. A coworker showed it to me the other day...
Getting the client's budgetDecember 13, 2004
I'm going to have to try this one out, I think...
Cartoon character's skeletal systemsDecember 8, 2004
Ever wonder what Charlie Brown's skeletal system would look like?
Simplebits MakeoverDecember 8, 2004
You can now toggle between fixed and fluid width. Very cool!
Winter MezzoblueDecember 2, 2004
Mezzoblue gets a winter theme.
Stuff and NonsenseNovember 27, 2004
Andy Clarke redesigns his business site. Very nicely, too.
Screen Grab Confab IINovember 22, 2004
Contains a preview of some brand-spankin' new work by your's truly.
What app do you use for comps?November 18, 2004
Fireworks, here.
Zeldman InterviewNovember 14, 2004
...over at iStockphoto.
Worn Photoshop BrushesNovember 10, 2004
Cameron points us to some beauties.
Stylegala v.02November 9, 2004
Starting to look more like a design portal, whether good or bad...
Firefox 1.0 is hereNovember 9, 2004
Now go get it!
Return of DesignNovember 4, 2004
Yes, please.
RemarkableNovember 1, 2004
If you don't vote, you have no right to complain.
So Much for the Google BrowserOctober 26, 2004
"'We are not building a browser,' Mr Schmidt said." Crud.
Building a Blog in Dreamweaver with PHP and MySQLOctober 21, 2004
Wouldn't it be so much nicer just to use TypeSpace?
Jon Hick's RedesignsOctober 16, 2004
Unique design, with... can it be... a left sidebar?!
Save DunstanOctober 16, 2004
What kind of country do we live in when they'd contemplate sending him back to England?
DreamHost hosting for $0.77 per month!October 13, 2004
DreamHost celebrates their 7th birthday by giving away 777 hosting accounts for $0.77 per month!
Design In-FlightOctober 8, 2004
Looks like this issue has some great content. I just subscribed...
Dan Rubin RedesignsOctober 7, 2004
Dan Rubin redesigns Superfluous Banter. Well done!
Free Blog DesignOctober 4, 2004
Keith is giving away a blog design. Looking good, too.
Time for a paint-jobOctober 4, 2004
Andy Clarke (aka. Malarkey) gives his site a nice new coat of paint.
The Zen of CSS DesignOctober 4, 2004
I'll definitely be buying this one!
Design BooksSeptember 30, 2004
I might have to pick up a few of them.
Kottke's Voters Information GuideSeptember 30, 2004
The print version is by your's truly.
zipdecodeSeptember 17, 2004
Simply amazing. (via)
"design blogs"September 17, 2004
Cool while it lasts...
Spread FirefoxSeptember 16, 2004
Shooting for 1,000,000 downloads in 10 days, and it's looking good.
Jeff Smith DesignSeptember 15, 2004
A nice CSS site that I've not seen in any of the galleries...yet.
Letterhead FontsSeptember 13, 2004
Awesome fonts, with awesome examples of each in use. (via)
sIFR 2.0bSeptember 13, 2004
Flash replacement is getting better, thanks to Mike Davidson's hard work.
Graphical CheckboxesSeptember 12, 2004
A nice little write-up on aesthetically enhancing your checkboxes.
Ryan Sims InterviewedSeptember 3, 2004
SkinnyJ interviews one of my favorite designers.
BBEdit 8.0 IconSeptember 3, 2004
Wonder how long it'll be before more people are using Hick's version than the default?
sIFRSeptember 3, 2004
I've been wanting to try out IFR for a while, and Mike Davidson's version is really looking good.
mozilla.org redesignsSeptember 3, 2004
A couple days old, I know... Lookin' good, though.
East vs. West CoastAugust 31, 2004
An entertaining, DxF style showdown.
Microsoft AdvancesAugust 26, 2004
Doug Bowman on the new microsoft.com.
Screen Grab ConfabAugust 25, 2004
Awesome idea from Cameron Moll, where people post a 320x320 screenshot of what they are currently working on.
Site Specific StylesheetsAugust 25, 2004
Simon is right, the sooner it makes it's way into Firefox the better.
Anatomy of an IconAugust 24, 2004
Dan explains his process.
Hivelogic RedesignedAugust 23, 2004
Very nice.
Online. Worry-free.August 23, 2004
Explains why Internet Explorer is unsafe.
Redesign ScobleizerAugust 20, 2004
Might be fun.
Airbag Iced Latte FundAugust 18, 2004
I sent him a fiver for little Amy.
mezzoblue v5August 16, 2004
This one's for Dave.
PGA Championship 2004August 10, 2004
Todd Dominey strikes again.
SpellBoundJuly 28, 2004
A spell checker for Firefox 0.9+. Much easier to install than spell checkers for previous versions.
"Standardista"July 26, 2004
I love it...
NundrooJuly 19, 2004
Didier launches his beautifully designed personal blog.
Design by Fire 2.0July 17, 2004
Andrei redesigns as well, and it's lookin' good!
Dunstan redesignsJuly 17, 2004
Dunstan redesigns (sort of a pseudo redesign) his blog...
PHP 5.0.0July 15, 2004
It's finally here!
Bulletproof SlantsJuly 14, 2004
It's always nice to see bulletproof CSS techniques.
IE5/Mac Band Pass FilterJuly 7, 2004
A hack to filter IE5/Mac from Doug and Tantek.
Glen! Glen! Glen!July 2, 2004
I knew there was a reason I loved Starbucks. (via)
Kottke's policyJuly 2, 2004
"We have a policy that we're not being hacked."
Desktop wallpaperJuly 2, 2004
I set this up as my wallpaper the other day. And I'm loving it.
Kottke redesignJune 28, 2004
Still has that same minimalist feel. I like it.
Production for useJune 20, 2004
A great article about well balanced web design.
That Wicked Worn Look: Expert Guest GalaJune 16, 2004
Part four of Cameron Moll's four part article describing how to achieve "that wicked worn look".
Great Book Giveaway ContestJune 16, 2004
Wow. All the links you could ever want.
SimpleBits PseudoredesignJune 15, 2004
Yep, even Dan's getting into the redesign action...
The real reason you should care about web standardsJune 14, 2004
A very good read by Andrei Herasimchuk.
New address for airbag.caJune 11, 2004
Update your bookmarks! Pass the word! airbag.ca is now airbagindustries.com!
CssBeautyJune 11, 2004
Now that the Vault's format has changed, perhaps this will become the new hot spot to check out beautiful designs.
That Wicked Worn Look: Wicked Third-party SoftwareJune 9, 2004
Part three of Cameron Moll's four part article describing how to achieve "that wicked worn look".
WaSP surveyJune 8, 2004
Let the WaSP know what you think about standards. Only takes a few minutes.
Stopdesign reloadedJune 8, 2004
The continuation of Doug's redesign. Very nice.
10 questions for DanJune 8, 2004
Dan Cederholm is interviewed for the Web Standards Group.
The "skinny" on Shaun InmanJune 7, 2004
Justin Goodlett's inteview of Shaun Inman.
FaviconsJune 7, 2004
One of these days I'll come up with something better than what I've got up there now.
Nigritude UltramarineJune 7, 2004
A little SEO fun...
Gurus v. Bloggers, Round 2June 3, 2004
Andrei places the smackdown on the gurus, yet again.
That Wicked Worn Look: Using Photoshop's Native FiltersJune 2, 2004
Part two of Cameron Moll's four part article describing how to achieve "that wicked worn look".
What's in a name?June 1, 2004
Andy Clarke discusses naming conventions.
sidesh0w redesignedMay 28, 2004
Must be the month (nay, week) to redesign - Ethan Marcotte did so on sidesh0w. Me likey.
That Wicked Worn Look: The Indispensable Tool TrioMay 26, 2004
Part one of Cameron Moll's four part article describing how to achieve "that wicked worn look".
Stopdesign, too?May 26, 2004
Douglas Bowman redesigns Stopdesign. And on the same day as Dave Shea?!
Shea redesignsMay 25, 2004
A less blue Mezzoblue.
Grey Box MethodologyMay 25, 2004
Designing in grey, eh? Maybe that's something to try...
Design eye for the usability guyMay 20, 2004
The "design fab five" give Jakob Neilsen's recent Alertbox a face lift. Excellent reading.
10 questions for AndyMay 17, 2004
Andy Budd is interviewed for the Web Standards Group.
Digital Web redesignedMay 13, 2004
Digital Web Magazine has a whole new look. Very nice.
A better bloggerMay 10, 2004
Google's Blogger get's a redesign courtesy of Douglas Bowman.
Bright CreativeMay 10, 2004
Fantastic work by Dave Shea.
Happy BirthdayMay 7, 2004
The CSS Zen Garden turns one!
IE feature requestsMay 4, 2004
Robert Scoble makes an offer too good to pass up.
Zeldman redesignsMay 3, 2004
Me likey
Thunderbird 0.6May 3, 2004
Now featuring Jon Hicks artwork.
Be careful what you blogApril 27, 2004
For some reason, it seems they should have better things to do than read my blog. Ah well, what can I say.
10 questions for KeithApril 27, 2004
Russ Weakley interviews Keith Robinson for the Web Standars Group.
One ping to rule them allApril 21, 2004
Matt Mullenweg and Dougal Campbell provide a very useful pinging service.
A walk down memory laneApril 21, 2004
Cameron Moll asks us to post our first works - and does so himself, as well.
A9April 20, 2004
Amazon's entry into the search engine market.
Congrats, SirApril 16, 2004
Jeffrey Zeldman announces that his wife and himself is expecting a baby. Congratulations.
Long Live The DesignerApril 14, 2004
Didier Hilhorst's first article in a serious of columns entitled Art of Interaction.
Gurus v. BloggersApril 13, 2004
This makes a great read...
PHP For DesignersApril 2, 2004
Matt Mullenweg provides a nice, basic introduction to PHP.
Happy Cog 3.0March 26, 2004
Jeffrey Zeldman redesigns Happy Cog. Well done, sir.
SawStop (via Boing Boing)March 26, 2004
Not typically the type of thing I would link to, but I found it amazingly cool.
Didier Hilhorst interviewMarch 23, 2004
As interviewed by SkinnyJ.
Win Photoshop CS (via mezzoblue)March 22, 2004
I'll help pimp his site for him. Ok, ok, so I do happen think the prize rocks...
Design it, and they will steal.March 22, 2004
It's really too bad...
Authentic BoredomMarch 19, 2004
Authentic Boredom by Cameron Moll.
SXSW Web AwardsMarch 15, 2004
CSS Zen Garden wins two categories. Congratulations, Dave and all contributors!
You Go, GirlMarch 15, 2004
Jon Hicks has got to be doing something right. ;)
CSS Problem-SolvingMarch 10, 2004
Problem solving skills are an essential aspect of developing a site with CSS.
IE7March 8, 2004
Potentially useful, interesting choice of name, though.
Oceans ApartMarch 5, 2004
Beautiful new Zen Garden design.
ALA - CSS Sprites: Image Slicing's Kiss of DeathMarch 5, 2004
A List Apart issue 173.
ALA - Zebra TablesMarch 5, 2004
A List Apart issue 173.
ALA - CSS drop shadowFebruary 27, 2004
A List Apart issue 172.
ALA - Custom corners and bordersFebruary 27, 2004
A List Apart issue 172.
Doug speaksFebruary 26, 2004
Don't miss this short interview with Douglas Bowman over at Macromedia.
Something's fishy...February 26, 2004
Now this is a cool design. It looks like it jumped straight out of the Zen Garden.